651 Lab’s proprietary evaluation tool is used to evaluate marketing and sponsorship proposals based on a company’s business and marketing goals instead of just impressions. It’s like a credit score for marketing proposals.
So you don’t have to wonder if you are spending your marketing budget on the most impactful and efficient assets.

Non-Commissioned Media Buying

651 Lab is all about trust and transparency. We will never take a commission to buy and place your media.
So you can trust that our recommendations are made in your best interest, and not to generate more commission.

ROI Tracking Tool

651 Lab’s proprietary ROI tracking program uses deep analytics and artificial intelligence to track impressions, sales, and brand lift for each asset in a company’s marketing portfolio.
So you know the return on investment of every marketing asset.


651 Lab runs competitive analysis, market research, and creates buyer personas to decided how to best position your brand. From this data, we develop a brand strategy, positioning in the marketplace, and a brand persona.
So potential customers become customers, and customers become brand advocates.

Website Design & Development

651 Lab is at the forefront of custom website design and development using the latest coding techniques and technology.
So your website quickly becomes the benchmark in your industry when it comes to speed, security, design, engagement, SEO, conversions, and mobile compatibility.

Campaign Strategy

651 Lab specializes in bold out-of-the box ideas to build impactful connections with your customers. We first run competitive analysis and market research to help determine the campaign strategy, which includes campaign planning, campaign metric goals, and campaign execution.
So your campaign can be championed throughout the entire organization.

Social Media

651 Lab creates engaging original content, develops social media publishing calendars based on your brand’s goals and objectives, builds paid social media campaigns, along with social account management.

So your brand builds and strengthens relationships with your potential and current customers.


Unlike most traditional advertising agencies, 651 Lab specializes in sponsorships. We are able to effectively evaluate, negotiate, and activate sponsorships. PropScore allows us to compare sponsorships with traditional media opportunities based on your company’s goals and objectives.
So your marketing portfolio includes the most effective marketing opportunities, instead of the easiest to implement or the most profitable for the ad agency.

Creative Services

651 Lab’s creative services include graphic design, copywriting, and video and audio services such as script writing, acquiring talent, shooting, and editing the final production.

So each creative piece becomes a consistent extension of your brand.

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