The most Transparent

Advertising Agency

in the World

How We Are Transparent

Non-commissioned Media Buying

We don’t take a commission when buying your media. This ensures that we don’t have an incentive to recommend a higher budget. We focus on your ROI, not increasing your expenses.

We Don't Charge By The Hour

Instead of charging by the hour, we determine a fixed amount based on the project. This allows you to project expenses using concrete numbers and provides confidence knowing that your campaign won’t go over budget.

Transparent Campaign Quotes

651 Lab provides an itemized, detailed proposal at the beginning of every project or campaign, so you have a complete understanding of the scope.

3rd Party Disclosures

Some agencies charge premium prices and then turn around and hire a less-experienced 3rd Party to handle a client’s project. Before any project, 651 Lab provides a detailed list of who will be working on the campaign.

Transparent Invoicing

Another way to increase an agency’s profits is to overstate costs. 651 Lab includes invoices on all costs associated with the project to ensure we aren’t adding expenses. If we can’t provide an invoice from an expense, you shouldn’t have to pay.

Payments To Vendors

When a client pays 651 Lab to reimburse for advertising, that money is put directly into a bank account set up for only that company’s reimbursement payments. The only time money is taken out of this account is to pay a vendor. A client may request to view the account balance at any time.

60-day Agreement Cancellation

651 Lab is extremely confident that we will drive results for your company. We’re so confident that we offer a 60-day opt-out at any time. If we aren’t getting the job done, you should be allowed to find an agency that can. You shouldn’t be locked into a partnership that isn’t working.

We Don't Accept Gifts Over $25

Your company’s money shouldn’t be used to leverage gifts for our agency. It’s company policy to politely decline all gifts valued over $25 from vendors, potential vendors, or any 3rd parties where decisions may be made on behalf of our clients.

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